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I have been creating art for the past 35 years and until 7 years ago was involved in Art Education since 1973. I have participated in many art shows in the NY Capital District and throughout the country including Manhattan, Chicago and Los Angeles.
I have since retired from teaching high school art in the capital district of New York State and my husband and I have re-located to Amelia Island.
Living in such a beautiful natural area has enhanced my artwork. Establishing a connection between the natural and the geometric has been an emerging theme in most of my work. The juxtaposition of the soft and hard edge working with or against each other provides a visual tension of the elements in each work of art.
I like to work in many layers of materials. This creates artworks of mixed media building up from the surface with found imagery,texture,natural objects and layers of paint and drawings. Each piece has a distinct composition that includes geometric and organic shape along with line and multiple layers of color. The result is a surreal quality that suggests a variety of interpretations from the viewer.

CONTACT: For size and price information

susan . schraft @ gmail . com

904 . 495 .6337

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